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Geodetic Control Networks

A framework of horizontal, vertical and gravity control to provide a common basis for surveying and mapping operations.

In surveying and mapping large areas, it is first necessary to establish frameworks of horizontal, vertical and gravity control as a basis for all operations. These frameworks are Geodetic Control Networks … “stable, identifiable control points tied together by extremely accurate observations” … which enable data computation for precision surveying and mapping.
At ASM Geodetic Control Networks are produced to meet the exacting standards and specifications of the Federal Geodetic Control Committee.

ASM unique combination of network design, instrumentation, calibration procedures, observational techniques and data management methods has created a highly-reliable measuring system with many applications.

Typical Applications of Geodetic Control Networks:

  • ​Astronomical Observations
  • True North Orientation
  • Geodetic Traverses
  • Gravity Control
  • Motorized Leveling