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Land Boundary Surveys

A science of collecting and analyzing specialized data for the purpose of retracing and creating land boundaries.

Land surveying dates back before the pyramids. For example, the Egyptians were using land surveying for the same reasons as we are today; land development, tax assessment, property sales, and erecting large edifices such as the pyramids.

With today’s land value, land planning and development decisions in both the private and public sectors require vast amounts and types of information for risk assessment and planning decisions. Such decision-making requires accurate and, most importantly, highly compatible data. These requirements create conditions that lead to an investment in the means of obtaining such information. The need of a precise, accurate, and complete land boundary survey cannot be more emphasized.

With ASM expertise and commitment to excellence, a land boundary survey is the core of any successful land development project.

Together with its many other services, ASM can provide all the essential data necessary for sound decision-making. These services are available in a multi-state area.