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Topographic Studies

 Topography indicates the positions and configurations of natural and man-made features for a given area of the earth’s surface.

The features of an area of land are as unique as a fingerprint. Unlike a fingerprint, however, land features are constantly changing as a result of weather, erosion, geological forces and development. A Topographical Survey is the geographical representation of the features of a given terrain.

How well a development or construction project interfaces with the dynamics of a land area depends on the quality of data provided by it topographical field survey.

ASM combines proven field techniques … the last instrumentation … job experience … and common sense of efficiently gather topographic data. Then, with latest equipment, personnel expertise, this information is transformed into a Topographical Survey which permits sound, problem-avoiding decisions.

Typical Applications for Topographical Surveys

  • ​Plan & Profile
  • Soundings
  • Drainage Study
  • Earth Work Cost Estimating
  • ​Land Developing & Planning